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Tis I, Kathleen.

 I haven’t written in quite a while. The Lord has been teaching me much. I'll catch you up as I begin to catch back up with you all.

This year God has given me wonderful, yucky, great, challenging homework to do. He was kind enough to remind me that He IS The Greatest Teacher. He has patience and grace for me and for You! I don’t always get my homework in on time, but He always extends His grace when I don't.

 This year I was blessed to go to Maui with 5 wonderful Yahweh Sisters. 

The Yahweh Sisters started about 15 years ago when I saw a movie. I thought we were getting together for "community". One of our wiser Yahweh Sisters said she felt the Lord was telling her we are to be there for each other. Wow! so glad she listened. Since that time, we have seen a spouse pass, a divorce, cancers, and lots of chapters of each one’s life. I'll share more as the year moves on. 

At this time, I’d like to introduce you to someone who will be helping me stay on task and help me to post on my web page. Her name is Julie. She's one of those that trusts you with her heart and you trust her with yours. She’s gifted in writing as well, so I will ask her to post some of her writings now and then. 

My cup is overflowing with "Joy" and I'm being challenged to trust and look at what God wants me to be obedient in.

I thank you for visiting. Please come visit again with a cup of your favorite beverage and send in your comments or things you’d like to see or share. 

May you not have a lot of homework this month,




Our Lord’s resurrection is a time for me to reflect on what Jesus has done for me and you. May He begin to resurrect the things in your life that will show you a sense of His love.


Please feel free to blog back to me your hello, or the excuse I spoke about in my blog. Ta Da! for now.


January 2010' My,my it's been awhile. 

Please forgive me for my lack of communication. I've had several of you say "ok, are you there!hello,hello are you there?" I have many excuses none of which are real creative or inventive. I suppose I could make some up. You all will have to send me some real good excuses and I'll blog em back here. ( no, I won't take a year to post them!)

Well we are off to Maui and I'm so excited the island air is calling my name. We are very blessed my husband is retired from an airlines and that is a win,win for us. I can't wait to enjoy all that fresh fish. Sunblock #70 (had skin cancer ) Thak you Lord all is well!

Christmas was a blast we went up to the mountain again and skied with the family. What an  incredable treat. I have such sweet Sons and wonderful grandchildren. Do you all know that my grandchildren are so perfect they only speak when spoken to and the please and thank you's fall off their lips. Tee !!! Hee!!! Tee !!! Hee!!! Ya right. All kidding aside it was a blast. At one point I needed to loosen up some menopausal build up and I said to my 3 year old grandson lets scream as loud and as long as we can ok?  he said,"Ok Damma!!!" (he can't pronounce his g's) (Ask me sometime about a funny story connected to Damma) Ok so anyway I said to all the grown up's please pay no attention to us, and we both  let  loose soooooo loud it was way fun for both of us. The grown up's weren't real sure. My sons are real wonderful guys. Nothing like your grown son putting his grown up arm around you. I am blessed. We really had a lot of laughs and food and fun.

My book "The Day Sad Arrived" came out and that's been loads of fun. Lot's of TV and radio interviews. The hosts have all been so wonderful and engaging with me.

 I'm so blessed to have friend and author Robin Jones Gunn endorse the book. ( check out her web site and store, it's wonderful).

I'm gathering up my oldest grandson Casey and his friends (Casey is 17) for a hang out pizza time and chat, to see all they deal with in their lives. I'm looking at doing my next book on the emotions teens deal with. Stay tuned.

Getting ready to do "Finding The Hidden Treasure" retreat  April 17th-21st Saturday to Wednesday. If your interested there's 2 spots left. The retreat is 5 days of being spoiled. You have gourmet meals prepared with love.  Teaching once a day, nap if you like, read if you like, spend wonderful time with the Lord if you like walk on the beach if you like.  The cost is $550. for a private room and $510 for a shared room. The home is ON the beach in Lincoln City. I have a saying, "I can give from empty, but it's pretty ugly"

Well I suppose you've had enough dribble ( oh wait I won't do that for a few more years)

I write this with much love, care and prayers for you all,

Kathy or Kathleen which ever you prefer,

Bye for Now! Hugs ,hugs

 ( ok go already!)



It's Been Awhile

My.My how time flies when your busy. I've been doing alot of radio for the Book :The Day Sad Arrived" and I was tapping Friday (7-24-09) for a show to come out in a couple weeks. "Northwest Focus" the 2 topics were "Youth" and "Mentally Ill"  Channel 22 or 24.

My wonderful grandchildren still delight my world. My oldest grad son Casey 16 years old has had some wonderful accomplishments:

  • First Player of the year for his league
  • One of ten young men to be picked for "All Region" for all of Southwest Washington
  • Greater St Helens double A" Player of the year"

God has blessed him with natural abilities to play baseball. Stay tuned for where God will take him.

My other Sweet munchkins are such fun, Hannah is excelling in a select soccer team, Quinten and Alexcia are having a busy summer as is Shane and Ethan. Ethan is our youngest 3 and he continues to crack us up.

My Sweet Yaweh Sisters and I have had challenges that only God can handle so we are VERY grateful that we serve and wonderful loving God.

My Sons and daughter in law are doing great. Looking at some changes.

My husband is in prayer as God continues to open some doors and close others.

We played golf yesterday at a beautiful course Lewisriver with some dear friends who celebrate their 40th wedding Anniversary today, Mark and Hulda.

For myself God has been very kind to wake me every morning between 5 and 5:30 a.m. to spend precious time with HIM. He always knows what I need and when I need it.

June was a busy month my husband turned "60" and we had a fun celebration. June also saw us celebrating our "35" wedding anniversary, "Thank you Jesus" only by your sweet grace.

I'm looking for a home for my book, I got my second no from Zondervan. It's a major book company I would have been blessed to have "The Day Sad Arrived" call home. Onward upward !

I think that puts me up to date with my world to all of you.


I hope this finds you smiling about something wonderful God has shared with you,