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It's Been Awhile

My.My how time flies when your busy. I've been doing alot of radio for the Book :The Day Sad Arrived" and I was tapping Friday (7-24-09) for a show to come out in a couple weeks. "Northwest Focus" the 2 topics were "Youth" and "Mentally Ill"  Channel 22 or 24.

My wonderful grandchildren still delight my world. My oldest grad son Casey 16 years old has had some wonderful accomplishments:

  • First Player of the year for his league
  • One of ten young men to be picked for "All Region" for all of Southwest Washington
  • Greater St Helens double A" Player of the year"

God has blessed him with natural abilities to play baseball. Stay tuned for where God will take him.

My other Sweet munchkins are such fun, Hannah is excelling in a select soccer team, Quinten and Alexcia are having a busy summer as is Shane and Ethan. Ethan is our youngest 3 and he continues to crack us up.

My Sweet Yaweh Sisters and I have had challenges that only God can handle so we are VERY grateful that we serve and wonderful loving God.

My Sons and daughter in law are doing great. Looking at some changes.

My husband is in prayer as God continues to open some doors and close others.

We played golf yesterday at a beautiful course Lewisriver with some dear friends who celebrate their 40th wedding Anniversary today, Mark and Hulda.

For myself God has been very kind to wake me every morning between 5 and 5:30 a.m. to spend precious time with HIM. He always knows what I need and when I need it.

June was a busy month my husband turned "60" and we had a fun celebration. June also saw us celebrating our "35" wedding anniversary, "Thank you Jesus" only by your sweet grace.

I'm looking for a home for my book, I got my second no from Zondervan. It's a major book company I would have been blessed to have "The Day Sad Arrived" call home. Onward upward !

I think that puts me up to date with my world to all of you.


I hope this finds you smiling about something wonderful God has shared with you,



From the island of Maui

Aloha to all,

 Life has been extra busy as the day is arriving for "The Day Sad Arrived" to be born. I'm writing this from the beautiful island of Maui.

As a past sun worshiper it's a new experience.  I was raised in Phoenix, Arizona and moved to San Diego and than on to Las Vegas, Nevada and now the state of Washington. I was diagnosed with "melanoma" skin cancer stage two last Christmas 2007. I didn't even know they made number 70 lotion to protect our skin. I now have cases of it. And you know, (don't tell anyone when you see me on my return) that fake tan me lotion looks pretty good. So today I've become a SON worshipper, much healthier.

This is such a wonderful time to live my life scripture: "Be still, and know that I am God" God gave me that scripture because I need to BE STILL more than I am. It's when I'm still that I hear my Father a can talk with Him in a place that just He and I can connect, I hear Him better there, there in that quiet place. The worlds a very noisy place isn't it?

The next few months are going to get even busier. I've been asked to teach a weekend for the married with children for New Heights Church on "How to re-connect when your disconnected" and "Intimacy" For the first time my husband will join me in sharing ( extra prayers please )

I'm also going to be sharing with the MOMS group at Summit View Church in March.

The "Finding The Hidden Treasure" retreat has one spot left if any of you ladies are in a position to go.

Would be ever so grateful for your prayers on the book convention in March 19th to 22nd. That's were the buyers come in and buy books for their stores.

I'd like to thank all of you for your prayers and kind words.

I would like to extent my prayers and love to all of you who are out there dealing with things in life that are challenging. I know our God tells us He will not give us more that we can handle.  I know..I know.. you've been real close to the edge, HE promises He WILL give us a way out. That's were I need to "be still" so I can see the way out. Hold tight, hold tight, hold tight to God. That's the only place I can regroup, refocus, release, all the stuff this world keeps tossing at me. Thank you Lord for You!!!

This is a working vacation so I best get busy on working a bit before I slather on my #70 get my sun hat on and sit under a umbrella. I'ts not that bad just kidding about the umbrella part.

Hope this finds you smiling about something wonderful God has shared with you,






Oh Happy Day

Oh happy day,

 As I look outside and see the beautiful snow the kid in me is getting ready to go out and make a snow family. What fun, what fun :)

As I look forward to Christmas and know that I will be blessed to be with my Sons and their families, my cup is full. People are asking "are you ready, are you ready, for Christmas" my answer is; " I decided years ago Christmas will come and go if I'm ready or not, so I made a deal with myself no stress" Enjoy rather your ready or not, Jesus isn't about stress or uptight ness, so take a deep breath my friends and "decide" to enjoy it's a choice.

The new year will bring lots of wonderful blessings. Cathy my leader, co leader and I will begin a H.E.A.R.T. group in February We've been doing the group for 23 years. H.E.A.R.T. stands for Healing and Encouragement for Abortion Related Trauma, it's a bible study for those women dealing with post abortion syndrome.  I'm also a part of the Mental HealthSupport group at New Heights Church in Vancouver Washington it starts in January.The group supports those dealing with mental illness and their families.

In February my husband and I get to escape to the wonderful island if Maui.

March brings the "Finding The Hidden Treasure" retreat Carla a friend counselor and I do once a year. If your interested please email me. We only take 10 ladies we have 5 spots left. It's 4 days 5 nights. March 28th April 1st.  We work hard to totaly pampered you and prepare gourmet food for you to enjoy. Workshops are  tiwce a day it's all in a setting at a beach house that is right on the ocean outside of Lincoln City. Makes me sigh right now at the thought of it.

May this find you all with a smile on your face cuddled in front of the fire knowing God is in charge of it all so we don't have to be, hugs to all,




Oh Happy Day

What a great day. Last night I had the giggle time with my wonderful granchildren. Can It get much better.


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