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The Day Sad Arrived

     "The Day Sad Arrived"  is here !

The Day Sad Arrived was inspired by a young man who today is sixteen years old. When he was eleven, he was extremely depressed. During a counseling session the author asked him, "What day did Sad arrive?" He stopped, thought a moment,and replied, "The day my uncle died."



That was the day when God began to change this young man’s life. He worked hard to discover new feelings and to see them as friends rather than foes. Today, this young man is in ministry and is blessing many people in his walk with the Lord.

What do you do when Sad feels so heavy that you cannot do an “ollie” on your skateboard?

  • Is Sad normal – do other people feel this? How does God help me in the midst of my sad?
  • Will Sad ever go away?

The Day “Sad” Arrived series offers a fresh and inviting look at the emotions that developing youths (9-14) encounter in life. There are myriads of books on the Counseling/Psychology shelves in Christian Book Stores, (650 in the Christian counseling section on Amazon), but less than 10 percent (about 1 in 12) have anything to do directly with teens besides mention the word “teens” in the book. Most have been written to help grown ups deal with and develop the emotional life that was never properly fostered and processed out during their formative years.

The Day “Sad” Arrived series seeks to help these youths -and yes us grownups too - to be able to healthfully acknowledge and process various emotions they start encountering during these critically formative years.


The Nitty Gritty

Nearly thirty percent of kids in 1970 grew up in “broken homes” – and as a counselor for more than two decades, I have been dealing with the emotional fallout of these children, now adults. They have not been equipped to deal with sadness, bitterness, and grief in a healthy, maturing way.

Now these GenXers, nearly half of whom grew up with only one parent in the home, are raising their own children. How are these parents, who did not have good emotional health modeled to them, going to help their own children when dealing with sadness, anger, loneliness, jealousy, etc?

The Day Sad Arrived series will give preteen kids and their parents relevant tools and hope to help them begin to process emotion normally and maturely, in accord with their developmental stage of life.


"This tender story provides children with a helpful understanding of their feelings in the wake of a deep loss. Counselors and parents will fnd this to be a valuable tool in the healing process." - Robin Jones Gunn, Best selling author of the Mrs. Posey books featured in the I Can Read series by Zonderkids

"Clever, creative, and thought- provoking, The Day Sad Arrived is a must-read for any child or adult who has sufered a loss, as it gives permission to feel the full range of conficting emotions that accompany sadness. This book provides a practical framework for understanding the complexity of the grief process by putting a face and name to this ethereal emotion. I anticipate this being an effective therapeutic tool for clients of all ages." - Michelle J. Watson, PhD, LPC, A private counselor, practicing and, specializing in eating disorders and trauma recovery