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Re-Release of 2 CD Workshop Available Now

Kathleen's Sexuality Workshop (w/ the most often asked questions) on CD is being made available again.
Send $10.00 to:
314 W 15th Street, Suite 200 Vancouver,Wa 98660
Be make check payable to Kathleen Sawyer and be sure to include your name and address so I can get it sent to you ASAP
"My prayer is you'll be blessed and a new dialog can begin with you and your husband"



Counselor Puts a Name to the Face of Childhood Grief

 Author and counselor Kathleen Sawyer reaches out to grieving children in her new book, The Day Sad Arrived, (WinePress, 2009), featuring Eric, a fictional character dealing with the sudden loss of a family member.

The day his uncle died was the absolute worst day of Eric's life; it was the same day Sad arrived. Sad makes Eric so tired, keeps him from his friends, and makes his whole body feel lumpy. When Eric's counselor gives him permission to be mad at God, Eric also learns about God's unconditional love for him and how to get rid of Sad.

Inspired by a former client and his grief over losing an uncle to suicide, Sawyer's book acknowledges the tremendous grief children endure following the death of a loved one and encourages them to bring their emotions-both fears and anger-to God.

"I want to give people permission to feel their feelings. Our emotions are a gift to teach us and help us learn. They are a friend not a foe. They are God given."

An accomplished speaker and counselor, Sawyer is a self-employed counselor and co-owner of a Christian counseling center. As a presenter, Sawyer specializes in subjects ranging from personality disorders, anxiety, panic disorder, depression, and post-abortion syndrome.

Best-selling author, Robin Jones Gunn, says of Sawyer's book:

"This tender story provides children with a helpful understanding of their feelings in the wake of a deep loss. Counselors and parents will find this to be a valuable tool in the healing process."

To purchase a copy of The Day Sad Arrived, visit for interviews or to book Kathleen to speak contact 360-896-0517