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Tis I, Kathleen.

 I haven’t written in quite a while. The Lord has been teaching me much. I'll catch you up as I begin to catch back up with you all.

This year God has given me wonderful, yucky, great, challenging homework to do. He was kind enough to remind me that He IS The Greatest Teacher. He has patience and grace for me and for You! I don’t always get my homework in on time, but He always extends His grace when I don't.

 This year I was blessed to go to Maui with 5 wonderful Yahweh Sisters. 

The Yahweh Sisters started about 15 years ago when I saw a movie. I thought we were getting together for "community". One of our wiser Yahweh Sisters said she felt the Lord was telling her we are to be there for each other. Wow! so glad she listened. Since that time, we have seen a spouse pass, a divorce, cancers, and lots of chapters of each one’s life. I'll share more as the year moves on. 

At this time, I’d like to introduce you to someone who will be helping me stay on task and help me to post on my web page. Her name is Julie. She's one of those that trusts you with her heart and you trust her with yours. She’s gifted in writing as well, so I will ask her to post some of her writings now and then. 

My cup is overflowing with "Joy" and I'm being challenged to trust and look at what God wants me to be obedient in.

I thank you for visiting. Please come visit again with a cup of your favorite beverage and send in your comments or things you’d like to see or share. 

May you not have a lot of homework this month,


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