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Tis I

Well, can you believe it's June? School will be out soon. Grandkids will be coming for summer visits. And then there are God's flowers; His colors are amazing! I hope you’ll get to spend some time soaking up the beauty of His creation.

This summer, I'm putting together a workshop for married folk. I feel satan is working overtime to destroy our marriages. 

I recently had 4 couples over to discuss and brainstorm about this. I'd like to pose some questions to you and would appreciate feedback from both men and women. 

1. a) Which gender do you think seeks counsel most? 

    b) What information did you use to come up with your answer?               

2. a) Are you ready for a workshop that speaks on intimacy in a Real way, like NO other? 

    b) Why do you feel you are ready for this? 

3. What would you hope to gain from such a workshop? 

I'm looking at holding the workshop on a Saturday from 9:00-2:00, lunch included. Cost would be $125 per couple. 

If you’re interested in an Intimate, limited couples only workshop, please contact me. Please DON’T contact me if you’re not willing to be transparent and real! God wants healthy marriages. Life moves so quickly and I know the pressures you're facing. I see them in my office daily. 

I write this with a heart full of hope, for God has for YOU an Amazing marriage if you both seek Him. I know it's hard, believe you me. I know it's tough, but let's seek Him together and see what HE has for us. My prayers travel with you on this journey called Life.

May your June be full of opportunities, and not a lot of homework. 


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