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Intimacy After Sexual Addiction Workshop

Create Intimacy and Peace for You and Your Spouse

The perfect gift for the holidays

Join Kathleen Sawyer and Chuck Verro for a workshop designed specifically for couples that have been together for awhile and who might still be struggling with some of life’s tricky and messy obstacles.

Chuck and Kathleen have been working with sexual addiction couples for a combined total of more than 25 years. Chuck is CSAT certified and Kathleen is working on her APSATS certification with the founder.

Chuck and Kathleen work in tandem with couples, walking with them through the maze of addiction. One common thread they see is the difficulty couples face while trying to reconnect after disclosure.


                                                               Rescheduled for early 2019

Cost: $150.00 per couple

Location: 314 W 15th Street, Suite 200 Vancouver WA 98660 - Limited space available

Send check to address above or contact Chuck or Kathleen




Please call Kathy for more details at 360-896-0517 or use the Contact Page