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Speaking and Teaching

Kathleen is frequently requested to speak at various conferences and seminars. In 2000, she recorded a tape of her “Woman to Woman” workshop, and that tape is now available for purchase at both the seminars and conferences she speaks at, as well as on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Other speaking experiences and topics include:

  • Singles & Couples retreats, conferences and seminars
  • Seminar titles/topics
    • Counseling Couples issues from A-Z
    • Anxiety and Panic Disorder
    • Beyond The Pain: Healing from Self-Injury and Self Mutilation
    • His Brain Her Brain
    • After The Affair
    • Intuitive Healing The Sand tray Experience Level II
  • Also seminars and teaching on: Depression to Intimacy, Contentment in the World Contentment in the Lord, Spiritual Gifting, Post Abortion Syndrome. She’s recently been asked to put together and teach on “How to Connect Again” for men and women who are dealing with pornography.